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Help Camcare help others in Boroondara

For forty years Camcare has been helping people living in Boroondara who are socio-economically disadvantaged or facing personal adversity.

Your generous donations have enabled Camcare to meet increasing demand for our services and broaden the scope of our activities in response to identified needs in the local community.

One such innovative program developed in the last few months is an outreach well being service to a local government secondary school where there are a number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds posing challenging behavior in the school and at home. A trained counsellor has offered relaxation and stress management training for the students, building a presence at the school whereby both students and teachers feel confident to seek her assistance with a range of issues such as students’ absenteeism, disruptive behavior, peer group pressures and risk taking behavior, including self harm.

Camcare staff have also delivered highly popular parent education groups, called Tuning into Teens, for parents seeking information and support to improve their relationship with their teenage children. We have had high demand for these groups.

The following story highlights the help Camcare has been able to provide because of your past support.

Marie is a single parent of two children living in rented accommodation in Mont Albert. Her older son, Josh, who is 15 years old, has exhibited anger and acting out behavior since Marie and her husband separated two years ago. Josh has been mixing with a group of peers who do not attend school regularly. He has been staying out late at night and is verbally abusive towards his mother when she seeks to impose limits. Recently, he has been away from home for several weeks and Marie does not know where or with whom he is living. The student welfare coordinator at the school where he is enrolled contacted Camcare expressing concern about Josh, his absenteeism from school, acting out behavior and self harm.

Marie agreed to a referral to Camcare. Our youth counsellor was able to track Josh down and talk to him and the student welfare coordinator. She also went to see Marie. It became apparent that Josh was feeling lost and felt rejected by his mother. Marie, while concerned about Josh, did not agree to his return home unless he met conditions like going to school regularly and ceasing to mix with his recent peer group, whom she blamed for his current problems.

Camcare’s counsellor worked with Josh, key school staff and Marie to negotiate his return home. It was clear Josh missed his father and the counsellor contacted him to see if they could reconnect. She linked Josh to the local youth service and continued to see him there, addressing issues he raised about his mother’s expectations, changes in his relationship with her since his parents’ separation, his feelings of anxiety and recent poor academic performance. Josh has now returned home and attends school most days. He has contact with his father. He knows he can talk to the student welfare coordinator about issues at school and that his Camcare counsellor will support him to negotiate any concerns that come up at home.


Those who attend Camcare deeply appreciate the support they receive. It is because of your generosity that we are able to continue our work in the local community.

Below is just a sample of the comments we have received from the people we have helped.

Camcare provided an “Incredibly helpful and effective service.” They offered, “Very practical help which has made a big difference in my family and my life.”

“I always felt supported, important and guided in a very empowering and encouraging way. I don’t believe I would have been able to cope without this counselling.”

I felt comforted by the empathy and level of care which was a great support at the time when I felt all alone in my grief.”

With numerous skilled volunteers deployed throughout Camcare and linked to professional staff we offer a cost effective model which strengthens community capacity.

  • In 2016, Camcare responded to 10, 300 requests for assistance.
  • We assisted nearly 600 people with material aid including food parcels, travel cards, and small grants for essential items such as prescribed medicines.
  • We provided counselling to 268 people with issues ranging from grief and loss to family violence.
  • Our Family Services team delivered more than 4,900 hours of service to 78 vulnerable families in their own homes.

Your donation will mean Camcare can continue to innovate and provide a range of important services to people experiencing disadvantage and personal adversity in your community.

How You Can Help

$300 will pay for a brief counselling intervention (2- 3 appointments) for someone in crisis

$150 will provide support for a student to attend a school camp

$35 covers the costs of prescribed medicine for a disadvantaged young person experiencing health issues such as asthma.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and will make a big difference to someone in your local community.

Please support Camcare’s work in Boroondara by giving generously.

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