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PLC students assisted in Camcare’s kitchen garden

At the end of June,  PLC students Cynthia, Ying, Kelly and Carmen joined our garden volunteers for a morning in the kitchen garden.

After a tour of our worm farms, compost bays and garden beds they set to work harvesting baby spinach, rocket and Warrigal greens for the Fresh Food Program. The girls moved onto thinning carrot seedlings and pulling out old pumpkin vines. They prepared beds for planting by digging through compost and fertiliser and planted out spring onions, raspberry canes and kiwi fruit.

It was great fun and I’m always amazed by how much a team of people can achieve in a short time. Thanks girls!

Barbara, Kitchen Garden Volunteer


If this sounds fun to you and you would like to join us in the garden too, let reception or the Kitchen Garden team know on 9831 1900.

For more information on the volunteering at Camcare, please click here.

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