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Boroondara Cares – CHANCES program benefits Camcare client

Boroondara Cares Foundation runs the CHANCES Scholarship Program which facilitates educational chances for motivated young people who have the skills and passion to achieve but are experiencing financial disadvantage.

The Boroondara Cares Foundation showcased some of their talented CHANCES scholarship recipients during the program’s 10-year celebration in August at Swinburne.  One of the recipients of a CHANCES scholarship, Emelia, was nominated by Camcare’s Emergency Relief Worker, Jennifer Jones.

Emelia, a year 7 student, expressed her appreciation for the opportunity CHANCES has given her by reading a letter to the audience.

Emelia reading her letter to the audience

It was a pleasure to see this amazing young lady so grateful for the opportunity she has been given and so willing to give back.  Her father and strongest advocate Garry, has every reason to be very proud.

Emelia with Camcare Emergency Relief worker, Jennifer Jones

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