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Camberwell Primary School Grade 3 Christmas Stall fundraiser

Thank you to Grade 3 from Camberwell Primary School for their Christmas fundraising for Camcare!  The class created a community project and they made and sold all the Christmas goodies so others could also share in Christmas cheer.

Students Hayley Davies and Alicia Labza have written up their efforts for us below.

Students from Year 3 handed the money they raised to Pari, Camcare’s Community Support Manager

The Grade 3 Christmas Stall held on the 20th of December was a great success. We raised $1232.75 for Camcare. That’s more than triple the amount raised last year! We made three sizes of transforming wreaths, gift tags in packs of five and ten delicious shortbread (not store bought!) that walked out the door, hand crafted baubles and an assortment of Christmas decorations, not to mention Christmas cards.

The head bankers and bankers of Class Economy dealt with the money, police officers were on crowd control and everyone else was advertising. All the teachers had to do was pin the money down so it wouldn’t fly away! In the end, everyone had lost their voices yelling and had lots of fun.

Pari Sanyu with the Year 3 students from Camberwell Primary School

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