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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A fair and inclusive community.

Our Mission

We are an independent Community Service Organisation committed to social justice, building individual and community well-being through advocacy and the provision of individualised services for people facing personal adversity.

Our Values

Social Equity

  • We facilitate social inclusion by promoting the rights of individuals to participate in the community
  • We prioritise service delivery according to need


  • We treat people with dignity and courtesy
  • We promote individual strengths
  • We value difference and diversity

Care and Compassion

  • We listen to all with empathy and understanding
  • We respond effectively and with care

Working Together

  • We work collaboratively towards shared goals and outcomes


  • We meet our commitments to our clients
  • We meet our responsibilities to our stakeholders

Striving for Quality

  • We are committed to improving our performance
  • We are proactive in recognising and addressing emerging needs