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Cultural Competence

Valuing Diversity:

Camcare is committed to inclusive services for people from diverse cultures, including people of differing abilities and orientations. We respectfully acknowledge the history and cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, recognise the needs of all cultural and ethnic groups, and aim to embrace, celebrate and work with diversity in the community.

Cultural Awareness:

View Camcare’s Cultural Diversity Policy

View Camcare’s Indigenous Policy

Camcare continues on its journey of improving Aboriginal cultural competence. We began in 2011 with a small working group of staff and volunteers.
We consulted with Aboriginal Elder Reg Blow who led us through a series of introductory conversations. Uncle Reg performed the acknowledgement of country at Camcare’s AGMs in 2011 and 2012, when he also introduced a smoking ceremony and explained the importance of this practice. Camcare’s engagement with the Eastern Family Violence Network led to links with Elke Smirl from Boorndawan Willam Aboriginal Healing Service. An outcome of this was the inclusion of a whole of family approach in addressing issues of family violence. This acknowledged and responded to the needs of Aboriginal families and community in the Eastern Region to include their menfolk in processes for addressing family violence.

In November 2013 Camcare’s Board and senior managers underwent training provided by Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA). All-staff training followed in August 2014 facilitated by Karen Milward. In line with Camcare’s 2013-16 Strategic Plan, our next step has been to invite staff and volunteers to form a Cultural Competence Working Group.
This Group will continue to meet regularly and will report in more detail on progress as the Action Plan develops. The Working Group welcomes all comments and discussions. More information is available on request.

Late in 2015 the Rotary Club of Balwyn partnered with Camcare to fund a pilot project on Cross- Cultural Parenting Education.   >>>> read more

The Building Bridges project is a collaboration between Camcare & the City of Boroondara working on understanding the cross cultural parenting experience of the Indian & sub-continental communities in Boroondara. This pilot has been funded by the Rotary Club of Balwyn and DISHA is our community partner.

Download Building Bridges second Newsletter