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Our Results

In 2014-15 Camcare achieved the following:

  1. Delivered  counselling support to 241 people including individuals and couples.
    People were provided with a therapeutic space to negotiate family conflict, address their experience of grief and loss, learn about themselves and their impact on others, deal effectively with life transitions including the challenges associated with disability or chronic ill health and the birth of a baby.
  2. Provided 11,911 instances of Assistance and Information. This was in the form of counselling, groups, material aid, food relief, advocacy and information.
  3. Provided 4,186 hours of support to 78 families.
    This included families with complex needs including assisting them with parenting strategies, addressing risk and safety issues in relation to their children, practical household management, and access to services in the community.
  4. Responded to  5,880 episodes of  people experiencing Financial Hardship issues.
  5. Assisted 3,045 people with Emergency Relief.
    In the form of food vouchers, fresh food, travel cards, toiletries, and grants to third parties for essential items. Without this support many recipients would be forced to make difficult choices about whether they eat well or pay the utility bill or the month’s rent.  Some may choose to go without essential medications, optical glasses or other important personal items. Services included short term casework for vulnerable clients. Number includes those with dependent children.
  6. Provided parenting and support programs to 82 people
    including Mums who Matter, Tuning in to Kids, Baby’s Ok What about You? ,  Cool Kids, Circle of Security and Parenting pre-schoolers.
  7. Delivered services with the assistance of 204 dynamic , diverse and highly motivated volunteers.
  8. Established  the Broadband for Seniors Program in 2015.
    A program run by volunteers who assist Camcare to offer free one-on-one training sessions to assist those over 50 with tasks on a computer.
  9. Assisted 136 people earning below $50,000 per annum
    to make an E-Tax return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
  10. Implemented a Cross Cultural Parenting Education project in 2015.
    This project is a pilot project in partnership with Balwyn Rotary Club.

As a small organisation we are agile in identifying and meeting emerging needs in the community.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our results. Please contact us.