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Free Couples Counselling

For couples struggling with conflict, personal adversity, and relationship issues in the City of Boroondara and nearby areas, Camcare is here for you. Whether you’re seeking to take positive steps in your relationship or to end a relationship in a respectful way, Camcare strives to empower you, to strengthen your family, and to help you move forward in a productive manner.

Camcare’s free counselling services are available for intimate partners as well as other key relationships in your life, including conflicts with family members and work colleagues.

As well as couples counselling, our services are also available for individuals and family groups. Turn to our community of professionals, paid staff, and volunteers for counselling, support groups, information, referral, and in-home family services.

Camcare Counselling

Free Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Taking the decision to address issues in your relationship or marriage is a brave and productive step. Relationship difficulties can disrupt your life emotionally, financially, and physically; they can provoke anger and resentment, outbursts, or avoidance.

Whatever form your relationship difficulties may take, the Camcare community is here for you. We can assist you with relationship information, advice, support, and further referrals, as well as professional relationship counselling services.

Our volunteers, paid professionals, and pro bono workers include qualified Case Managers, counsellors and psychologists. Working together with you through outreach, advocacy, advice, and support, our team can help you get to the heart of your conflict and move towards healing.

Compassionate Couples Counselling and Couples Therapy Services

Here at Camcare, our goal is to foster, strengthen and bring together communities. Through our couples counselling and therapy services, we strive to resolve your issues and support you in improving your personal community. Our couple’s therapy services aim to improve the life and experience of couples, their families, and their children, and to ensure the whole family knows that we are here for you.

No matter your personal or financial circumstances, Camcare will welcome you, create pathways for you, and empower you to heal and strengthen your family and relationship.

Move Forward with Free Separation and Divorce Counselling

At Camcare, we understand that the best way to move forward and empower your family is sometimes to move apart as a couple. The free separation and divorce counselling available from Camcare can support you in managing the impact of separation and divorce. Whether the decision was mutual or taken alone, we can connect you with professional support to help you approach the personal emotions and stress involved in the separation process in a healthy manner.

Separation counselling may also help you in addressing the outcomes for your former partner, your children, and your family as a whole. Counselling at Camcare can help you to determine the important next steps in your separation, ensuring a process that is defined by dignity, respect, and support, wherever possible.

If you are facing adversity and crises during your separation, Camcare can also connect you with the services, support, and immediate assistance you need.

Access Free Couples Counselling in the City of Boroondara, Including Ashburton, Ashwood, Auburn, Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Kew, and Surrey Hills

Wellbeing counselling appointments are available at Camcare’s Camberwell office every weekday from 9:00am-4:30pm. For more information, come and visit the Camcare community or call us today on 03 9831 1900.

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Want to find out more about the Wellbeing Service at Camcare?

Please Contact Us or Call our offices on 03 9831 1900 and ask for the Intake and Assessment Worker.


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