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Free Wellbeing Counselling

Everyone faces challenges in life, whether they are relationship problems, school difficulties, the loss of a loved one, managing change, or just feeling low. Sometimes, we find it hard to understand our own behaviour, and at other times, the stresses surrounding our health, finances, or personal adversity can seem too much to manage.

At Camcare, our wellbeing counselling and case management can provide you with services and support to overcome practical difficulties and disadvantages. As well as this, our professional staff and volunteers can offer support and strategies for dealing with the emotional, behavioural, and mental health aspects of your circumstances.

When you are facing personal adversity, socio-economic disadvantage, or marginalisation, you are not alone. Connect with a community that will support you, engage with you, advocate for you, and provide the services you need. Serving the City of Boroondara as well as some surrounding areas, Camcare is here for you, your family, and your wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Case Management and Counselling Services

Camcare’s qualified Case Managers are here to help with a whole range of practical difficulties that families and individuals find themselves faced with. This includes assistance with NDIS information, bills and finances, housing information, aged care, support services, emergency relief, and further referrals.

Camcare can help you with financial difficulties by speaking to utilities providers or Centrelink, and we can assist individuals and families in finding safer and more appropriate accommodation. We assist with My Aged Care and NDIS applications as well as many other practical difficulties that Boroondara locals face.

This service is available at our Camberwell office every day, Monday through to Friday.

Even once a practical solution is found, the personal adversity you face can continue to affect you on an emotional level. If you require wellbeing counselling, Camcare can connect you with a professional counsellor. Through Camcare wellbeing counselling, you can access impartial and confidential support. Working with a professional, you can have conversations and develop strategies to help you through difficult times.

Self Esteem Counselling: Therapy for Self Esteem and Overcoming a Negative Self Image

Self-esteem is all about the way we see ourselves, not just physically, but as a whole. It involves considering and evaluating the way we look, the way we feel, the way we behave, and the things we believe.

No matter your circumstances or the way you feel right now, remember that you are important, you are valued, and you have something to offer.

Individuals with low self-esteem can experience social isolation, fatigue, insomnia, and ongoing feelings of self-criticism, victimisation, and unworthiness. These are just a few of the ways that low self-esteem can affect your wellbeing and your everyday life.

As part of our wellbeing counselling, Camcare can provide services, resources, and referrals to support you in overcoming the negative self-concept associated with low self-esteem. We can provide strategies to address your self-image, as well as its impact on your health and your interpersonal relationships.

Camcare utilises the services of a number of pro bono counsellors who work in the Wellbeing team to provide counselling services for you. We can also help you seek the services of other professionals to empower you, uplift you, and support you on your journey.

Access Free Wellbeing Counselling in the City of Boroondara, Including Ashburton, Ashwood, Auburn, Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Kew, and Surrey Hills

On average, people have between three to six wellbeing counselling sessions. Once you have had your first session, your counsellor will be able to advise you on how many sessions may be required. Call us on 03 9831 1900 and ask to speak to our Wellbeing Counselling service to find out more.

  • Ashburton
  • Ashwood
  • Auburn
  • Balwyn
  • Camberwell
  • Deepdene
  • Glen Iris
  • Hawthorn
  • Kew
  • Surrey Hills

Want to find out more about the Wellbeing Service at Camcare?

Please Contact Us or Call our offices on 03 9831 1900 and ask for the Intake and Assessment Worker.


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