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Parenting Counselling

At Camcare, we have extensive experience working with parents on a broad range of issues. We offer a range of support for new parents, including parenting groups, parenting programs, integrated family support, and counselling for parents.

The changes that come with parenthood are both sudden and significant. No matter how much planning you have done, or how prepared you felt during the pregnancy, nothing can truly prepare you for the changes that come with the arrival of a new child.

The issues that new parents face can range from the practical to the deeply personal, from specific parenting concerns to changes in the way you look and feel, both physically and mentally.

Everyone responds to parenthood differently, and no single response is more right or wrong than another.

The professional counsellors available through Camcare can offer you objective, caring, non-judgemental and confidential parenting support. From strategies for getting you through difficult times to discussions about your feelings and experiences related to parenthood, Camcare’s counselling service is here for you.

Camcare offers counselling for individuals, couples, and family groups.

Camcare Parenting

Counselling for New Parents: Supporting You Through Times of Change

The issues you experience during your parenting journey may not always be as clear as you expect. You may experience difficulties relating to a young child or teenager, understanding their behaviour, or assisting them at difficult times. But equally, you may experience anxieties surrounding the arrival of a new child, and whether you are ready and capable to be a caregiver.

Parenting truly comes with a full spectrum of emotions and experiences, and Camcare is here to support you throughout your journey.

You may wish to explore personal issues during parents counselling, such as feelings of sadness, worry, or social isolation that can come with being a parent. You may be concerned about other relationships in your life and how parenting has changed these, such as those with your intimate partner, your other family members or your work colleagues.

Our counsellors can help you develop coping strategies, promote self-care, and overcome issues related to stress, low self-esteem, or even anger, all of which may be part of the parenting experience.

As a sudden and significant change, you may even be grieving the lifestyle you have lost by becoming a new parent. Feelings of grief, though rarely mentioned in relation to parenthood, are not as uncommon as you might think. Our counsellors can help you approach these issues, as well as referring you for further assistance as required, including Postnatal Depression counselling.

Practical parenting support is also available through our outreach workers, and we can also connect new parents to parenting groups, psychologists, and other services that may be useful.

If specific in-home support is required, you may also be able to access integrated family services through Camcare.

Co-Parenting Counselling

Camcare’s counselling and outreach services can also assist families in managing the impact of separation and divorce, including assistance with co-parenting and other children’s issues.

Camcare’s services to assist co-parents include:

  • Counselling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Access to resources and education
  • Referrals to professional services where appropriate
  • Ongoing community support

Our team will stand by you and aid you in communicating as co-parents and achieving the best outcomes for your children.

Parenting Counselling for Families in the City of Boroondara, Including Ashburton, Ashwood, Auburn, Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Kew, and Surrey Hills

Camcare has offices in Camberwell and Ashburton and we primarily assist parents and families in the City of Boroondara. For advice, or to learn more about accessing parenting counselling or other parenting support, contact our team today. Call 03 9831 1900 and ask for the Parenting Support Outreach Worker.

  • Ashburton
  • Ashwood
  • Auburn
  • Balwyn
  • Camberwell
  • Deepdene
  • Glen Iris
  • Hawthorn
  • Kew
  • Surrey Hills

This program is run in partnership with the City of Boroondara’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program and is available to provide support to families in the early stages of parenthood.

Want to find out more about Parenting Support at Camcare?

Please Contact Us or Call our offices on 03 9831 1900 and ask for the Parenting Support Outreach Worker.


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