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Parenting Groups

It can be easy to feel alone when you first become a parent, but there are always people who are ready and willing to help you. Reaching out to family and friends can be a powerful step for new parents, while medical carers, professional services, and community support are also available to help you.

At Camcare, we are proud to offer a range of support services for new parents living in the City of Boroondara, including parenting and family counselling, parenting support programs, and parenting support groups.

When you access parenting support groups through Camcare, you can join like-minded parents who are going through their own experiences and emotions related to parenting. Camcare’s parenting groups welcome you into a community where you are met with understanding, compassion, care, and respect.

Based on the values of equity, social inclusion, and collaboration, we offer a non-judgemental environment where parents, caseworkers, and professionals can work together to reach their goals and achieve their desired outcomes.

No matter what circumstances you face, including personal adversity and socio-economic disadvantage, you are not alone as a new parent. Regardless of the hardship or marginalisation you have experienced, Camcare’s parenting groups are here for you.

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Access Mothers Support Groups and Programs Through Camcare

For new mothers, the changes related to parenting are perhaps the most profound, and at times, confronting. Motherhood comes with a range of new responsibilities, as well as many physical and emotional changes. In approximately 16% of all women giving birth in Australia, motherhood will also come with Postnatal Depression (PND).

Camcare can provide new mothers with access to a range of support groups, which provide safe spaces and support for those who are struggling with parenthood. This includes Postnatal Depression Support groups where mothers can come together, share their experiences, complete group work, and be supported on their journey.

Camcare’s support groups can also provide high-quality care for infants, and occasionally older children, during your group session. We understand that new parents often find it difficult to secure outside care for their children, and we are here to support you in any way that we can.

As well as support groups, you can also access parenting programs through Camcare, such as our “Baby’s Okay, But What About You” program for new mothers. Our parenting programs focus on a variety of topics and support parents at various stages throughout their journey.

Camcare’s Parenting Support Groups: Targeted, Practical, and Compassionate

Camcare strives to provide mothers, fathers, and families with the exact assistance they need through our Parenting Support Outreach Program. This program offers targeted services and suggestions to those who are struggling with the impacts of parenthood and new family members.

The outreach workers at Camcare will work with you and your family to provide practical support. As well as connecting you with parenting groups, we may provide you with links to psychologists, sleep schools, or other professional services that can help you.

Access New Parent Groups in the City of Boroondara, Including Ashburton, Ashwood, Auburn, Balwyn, Camberwell, Deepdene, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Kew, and Surrey Hills

There are various ways to access parenting support groups through Camcare. Many of our programs are run in association with the City of Boroondara’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program, and parents can be referred to Camcare by their Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

For more information on the parenting groups and general parenting support that is available to you right now, please call Camcare on 03 9831 1900.

  • Ashburton
  • Ashwood
  • Auburn
  • Balwyn
  • Camberwell
  • Deepdene
  • Glen Iris
  • Hawthorn
  • Kew
  • Surrey Hills

This program is run in partnership with the City of Boroondara’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program and is available to provide support to families in the early stages of parenthood.

Want to find out more about Parenting Support at Camcare?

Please Contact Us or Call our offices on 03 9831 1900 and ask for the Parenting Support Outreach Worker.


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