Supporting the City of Boroondara during COVID-19

Camcare > Supporting the City of Boroondara during COVID-19

Camcare is a community agency that has been supporting the local area for over 42 years. On average, Camcare receives 10,000 requests for support every year. These are people who live, work or study in the City of Boroondara.  


Camcare provides food relief in a crisis, information and connection to other services or professional counselling for individuals, new parents, unsettled teenagers or vulnerable families.  These services are provided to the community free of charge and without the need for a referral.  


It is normal for people to be struggling during these times of Covid-19.

You are not alone. Camcare is here to help. All our services are free. You don’t need a GP referral. It is all confidential, and it is as simple as picking up the phone, calling us and making an appointment. We will point you in the right direction.

Feeling lonely?

Counselling at Camcare can help you to develop strategies to manage these feelings and get to a better place. Camcare can also link you with other supports.

Are you feeling anxious about the future?

Counselling at Camcare can help you manage these feelings of anxiety and help you develop strategies to manage them.

Are you struggling to cope with COVID-19?

You may not have needed help with things until the COVID-19 crisis happened. It has turned our world upside down in so many ways. Camcare can support you through these difficult times.

Are you worried you can’t afford enough food?

Camcare can help you with non-perishable foods, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as toiletries.

Are you feeling frustrated with your relationship?

Camcare’s Counselling and Family Services can help people in the local community who are struggling and facing challenging times.

Are you unsure how you are going to pay your rent and/or bills?

Camcare can help by assisting you with utilities relief grants, small financial grants, negotiating with mobile phone providers and referrals to appropriate supports.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the services you are dealing with (like Centrelink, utility organisations, NDIS, housing services, etc)?

In these challenging times Camcare can work with you to identify your needs and develop a plan that works with you and other services to meet your goals.

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