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How can you Help

Sponsor an Event

Why would your organisation support Camcare?

We have a history of partnering with local organisations to raise funds for Camcare. These organisations include Kew Rotary Club, Grill’d Camberwell, Blue Illusion Camberwell, Bunnings, Camberwell Girls Grammar School, Trinity Grammar School and Swinburne University.

Enhance your reputation in the Community

Enhance your reputation as a Supporter (demonstrate alignment with your values as an organisation) in the community in which you operate.

Develop a partnership with a highly locally recognised and valued organisation providing community services to local people in need demonstrating that you, or your organisation, support the local community.

Start a Fundraising Group

Another great way to generate vital funds for the work Camcare undertakes is to start a fundraising group.

You may be meeting as a business network or social group and opt to ask group members to make a donation to a worthy local charity like Camcare. Alternatively, if you are a member of a sporting, or community club you could hold a fundraising event for Camcare. As a concerned individual, you may get a group of friends together for an event or activity which raises money for Camcare and makes a difference to those in need in your immediate community.

Provide opportunities for you/your staff to make an In-Kind contribution

There are also opportunities for individuals and sponsor organisations’ staff to support Camcare and contribute to the well being of those less fortunate in the local community by undertaking practical projects and tasks.

Register a Community Fundraising Event

If you would like to arrange a community fundraising event, please Contact us

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Camcare runs regular fundraising events. You are most welcome to attend one of the upcoming events and meet other like-minded people. 

Camcare - Tuning in to Teens

Would you like to know how sponsoring an event could be advantageous for your business or company?

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