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Our Strategies

We organise our work into four strategic directions.

1. Deliver service excellence

Camcare will further improve the lives of those with whom we work through the delivery of high quality, responsive services based on community needs.
  • Goal 1: Make a positive and measurable impact on the lives of those who receive our services and the people around them
  • Goal 2: Grow our services to respond to emerging social trends and the identified needs of individuals and families in the areas we serve
  • Goal 3: Develop and extend our co-design service model: regularly consult, listen and involve those who seek our services
  • Goal 4: Work with academic and sector partners to research and evaluate our services and possible innovations
  • Goal 5: Increase the rigour of evaluation and reporting processes, to deliver greater accountability and clearer outcomes

2. Partner with communities

Camcare will continue to build partnerships through volunteering, and through alliances with local organisations that add value to our services and strengthen our communities.
  • Goal 1: Reduce social isolation and exclusion by creating pathways for participation in our organisation
  • Goal 2: Engage a diverse mix of skilled volunteers and pro-bono professionals who can enable us to extend our suite of services, increase community connectedness and improve our capabilities
  • Goal 3: Pursue community partnerships that deliver opportunities, resources and support to broaden service delivery and meet identified needs

3. Build a sustainable organisation

Camcare will actively work to create a sustainable future for the organisation, in which our people, partners and service recipients can thrive for many years to come.
  • Goal 1: Identify and pursue emerging opportunities to diversify our revenue streams by adopting new service models and adapting to changing priorities
  • Goal 2: Invest in new and existing projects specifically aimed at ensuring long-term sustainability
  • Goal 3: Increase revenue from donors, sponsors and charitable trusts
  • Goal 4: Build public awareness and understanding of Camcare’s unique contribution and achievements
  • Goal 5: Equip stakeholders to advocate for Camcare and those who use our services

4. Foster an inclusive culture

Camcare will build on its culture of inclusion, self-reliance and diversity to enrich the experience of service recipients, staff and volunteers.
  • Goal 1: Advocate for and extend Camcare’s focus on inclusion and self-reliance
  • Goal 2: Ensure that staff and volunteers feel valued and have the opportunity to develop new skills.
  • Goal 3: Develop new and current initiatives that reflect Camcare’s commitment to diversity.
  • Goal 4: Recognise, celebrate and communicate achievements and innovations generated by staff, volunteers and service recipients

Camcare's Strategic Plan for 2016-2019

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