Hope Food Drive 2020 Postponed

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Hope Food Drive 2020 Postponed

Camcare Hope Food Drive 2020 has been postponed till October due to COVID-19 restriction, for further information regarding Hope Food Drive 2020 please call our office on (03) 98311900

St Hilarys Church Kew is once again joining forces with 12 other churches in Boroondara to run a food drive. They collect non perishable food purchased by local residents from households throughout the municipality. The food is put in a provided shopping bag. Once sorted, the major recipients are Camcare, Anglicare Mission House and Salvation Army Camberwell. Last year Camcare, which supports people who are disadvantaged or facing personal adversity, received $40,000 worth of food. Community generosity ensures people who are homeless, on low incomes and facing food insecurity have access to nutritious food. We deeply appreciate St Hilary’s leadership of this vital collection and the community’s generous response.

In order to sort and shelve the large quantities of food donated to Camcare, we call on students from PLC and Trinity and our own volunteers. We are appreciative of their enthusiasm and help.

Our Community Support Manager, Pari Sanyu recently said: “The Hope Food Drive has a wonderful ‘ripple effect’ through our local community. We inform our service recipients of how the food comes to Camcare – it is a tangible way that they feel supported and held by their community. Local school students and other volunteers come together to sort out all the donations. The Hope Food Drive provides a wonderful vehicle for community participation at so many levels.”

pile of food drive bags

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