Our volunteers make a real difference

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Our volunteers make a real difference

There’s no doubt about it; volunteers are an essential part of Camcare. They add enormously to our capacity to enrich the lives of the people of Boroondara.

And their roles are so varied. Some grow food in our garden, some run barbecue events for people facing food security issues and social isolation. Others help people complete tax returns or they head up our HR department. Everyone is vital to the care we provide.

In a year that saw may people experience loneliness and isolation, mental health concerns and financial stress, our volunteers were the glue that held our community together.

Fortunately, in May, we had the chance to get together in person to say thank you to everyone who dedicates their time and talent, in a fun-filled morning tea . And, now we’re putting the spotlight on individuals who work behind the scenes.

Meet Barbara

Barbara has been helping our community garden grow for the past five years.

“I love what we do because I feel it’s so important for people to have access to fresh and nutritious food in its most unprocessed form,” said Barbara.

“I also love to help provide a space that connects people to the seasons and gives them a reason to be outdoors, with all the mental health benefits that we know flow from that.”

Learn more about Barbara’s role at Camcare

How does your garden grow? Ours grows with the help of Barbara, our volunteer green-thumb!

Meet Peter

Peter has been volunteering at Camcare for eight or nine years now.

It all started when, after retiring from his role as Director of Berry Street, Peter started doing a few odd tasks for us. He says that possibly, slowly, without him realising it, he was reeled into the Camcare family.

And he hasn’t looked back since!

Peter tells us:

The thing that has impressed me from Day One has been the passion and commitment of both the paid staff and volunteers to Camcare itself and most importantly to its clients.”

We asked Peter about the work he does behind the scenes, and how his past working life informs his volunteering.

Find out why Peter volunteers, and why he thinks YOU should too!

Peter has our food drive sorted!

Are you interested in volunteering? 

Volunteering is a fantastic way to make a real difference in your community. We offer lots of great opportunities to share your skills and participate in a variety of ways. 

Studies show that volunteering deepens your connection to others in our local communities, to better mental well-being and to potential employment pathways. 

You may just find that when you give your time and skills to helping others, you also give back to yourself. 

Learn more about volunteering 

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